Hanging  Light Traps


The Collapsible Hanging Light Trap is a unique design that incorporates the cylinder of a bait trap with a plastic top ring, foam seal and a stainless steel funnel and the 15 Watt 18 Inch Rigid Stainless Steel Vanes. The nick name, “Con-Trap-tion” fits the design perfectly. There are two types of Hanging Light Traps: A “Live Type” which is used to collect live material for DNA, genetics and rearing. The “Kill Type” is used for traveling, back packing and back country travel where pails and buckets require space.

Available as a “Live Type Trap” with a Lumite Screen Cylinder or a ”Kill Type Trap” with a Rain Cloth material Cylinder. The diameter of cylinder of both types is 15 inches and 36 inches in height. A 22 inch plastic zipper vertically sewn into the side wall of the cylinder provides access to the trap enclosure. These traps are excellent for back packing or when traveling. Lumite Screen is a woven plastic material that is extremely durable. Most insect cannot chew holes in the Lumite Screen. These traps are ideal for crop pest research. Available with 15 Watt – 18” 368 Quantum BL (F15T8  QBL)or 32 Watt – 18’ 350 BL (F32T12 BL) – 12 VDC or 12 VAC.

The trap can be mounted to a Sheppard’s Staff or other structure and used 24/7. With the use of a Photoelectric Switch, the 12 volt battery can be recharged with a Solar Panel 5 AMPs or larger. Leptraps can quote and supply the Solar Panel and Universal Battery Connection System upon request

The “Kill Type” Collapsible Hanging Trap requires a killing agent. Liquids of any type are not recommended. A dry and/or solid killing agent must be used. Vapona (No Pest Strips) work exceptionally well. The Chemical name for Vapona is dichlorvos. Four “Eye” bolts are mounted under the Plastic Top Ring from which Vapona strips can be suspended.

Below are links where Vapona strips can be purchased. We strongly suggest that you read the Material Safety Data provided with the product. Or click HERE to view a copy of the material safety data sheet before you purchase a trap or the Vapona products.

Link to purchase Vapona Strips:






15 Watt - 368 QuantumBlack Light - 12 Volt DC  



32 Watt - 368 Quantum Black Light - 12 Volt DC



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